5 Ways to Play at Co.Space

Everybody everywhere is busy making a living. Now more than ever, work seems to be taking up big chunks of our lives. For most entrepreneurs and business owners, work is life and life is work. We can’t deny that work and play are important, but what about play? After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, right?

Ever heard the quote “find 3 hobbies you love. One to make you money, one to keep you in shape and one to be creative”? whoever said it was right. Being an adult doesn’t mean that it’s game over for playtime. In fact, play is good for you and (believe it or not) your business. There’s a lot to gain from it, from increased productivity and creativity to improved wellbeing. That’s why we took time out to help you get back to play with 5 of our favourite ways to play at Co.Space.

(1) Store and play with your outdoor sports/adventure equipment

It’s a known fact that moving around and staying active stimulates your mind and body while increasing your focus. So whatever you like to do for fun, be it mountain biking, water sports, parasailing, or boat riding, it’s all right to go out once in a while and play with your favourite big boy toys. In fact, here at Co.Space we’ll help you keep your stuff safe and accessible 24/7 before, during and after you’re done playing with them. Whether it’s boats, caravans, race cars or motorcycles, we have a space for it.

(2) Create a man cave

If you don’t know what a man-cave is then you’re in desperate need of one. A man-cave is a ‘go-to’ personal space away from home, where you can go to store, collect, engage and play with the stuff you enjoy without disturbing the peace, balance or design of your home environment. A man cave has many uses; it can be a space where you go to relax or be alone, a space to indulge in hobbies only you enjoy, or a space to indulge in hobbies you and your mates enjoy together, like video games and watching sports.

Whatever you want to use your man cave for, Co.Space gives you the space to do it. We have various unit sizes to choose from, starting from 18m2 up to 36m2. You can customise your man cave space with our optional extras such as electricity, air conditioning, a shopfront, or different flooring. If you’re creating a man cave on a super tight budget don’t worry, get creative with these quick DIY ideas: turn old bottles into containers and holders, revive an old table with paint and nails, make chairs from old car tires, and use wood to create a cutting board or a shelf for your video games. At Co.Space we believe that creating your man cave should be fun and affordable. Remember, the most important part of creating a man cave is to enjoy every second of it.

(3) A studio for your band practice

Who among us doesn’t find themselves daydreaming about starting a band or being in one? Whether you want to start a band or you’re already in one, Co.Space has the right studio space for your music band. In addition to our unit spaces we have a 30 seater studio space and meeting rooms that will give you the space to seal your next deal. Our state of the art 24/7 security services gives you the freedom to rehearse as often as you’d like in a safe and creative environment. The best part, no one can tell you to “Turn that down!”

That’s not all. Co.Space is more than a space to work, play and store stuff, it is also a community of like-minded hobbyists and entrepreneurs. It doesn’t matter whether your band is for work or play, our community of like-minded people and regular events will ensure that you grow your contact list and discover new opportunities within the Co.Space community.

(4) Practise your arts and crafts

If hobbies like woodcraft, paper craft, pottery, glass craft, jewellery making, beadwork, knitting, and crocheting bring you creative joy, then you’re in the right place. Co.Space has the right space for you to indulge in your favourite arts and crafts hobbies.

If you’re an aspiring jeweller, you’ll know how quickly beads can take up a lot of your storage and play time. They come in such a wonderful variety and are so versatile that you simply can’t help but stock up on almost every type. Our units can be turned into a studio for you to enjoy your hobbies in. Plus, we also have storage units for storing your beads and any other arts and crafts supplies you can think of.

(5) Teach a dance class for fun

If you’re a creative artist and teacher at heart, share your talent with other guys, girls and kids alike by giving them lessons. Whether you’re a dance instructor, sculptor or photographer, teaching can be the perfect way to have fun doing what you love most. This can be your very own master class. Co.Space has a large studio where you can teach just about anything. We can even arrange catering and other special arrangements for your convenience.

Add personality to your space

Whether it’s 3 months, half the year or just a month, you’ll be spending a lot of time in your leisure space, so you need to get comfortable. Add personality to your space with personal items you’ve made or collected yourself; like a vase full of stones you’ve collected from all your outdoor adventures or a personal arts and crafts project. Make your space work for you and let it represent the best version of you.

You deserve to take time out of your busy schedule to relax and unwind in your own space so you can return to work feeling refreshed and inspired. Get your own leisure space at Co.Space where you can do exactly that. We give you the right space to store and engage with your treasures; a place where you can go chill and have fun, alone or with your mates, all at affordable rates.