Finally, at last and eventually, we are happy to announce that we unveiled our new name yesterday at the Rebrand Launch. To all of you who were in attendance, thank you.

Our new name and brand was inspired by you, our customers. You have contributed, collaborated and worked at establishing a great business community that is unique and adds value to all who work here.

We reflected on what you told us you love about our offering.

Firstly, we offer a variety of unit sizes that allow you to choose the right space your business fits into;
Secondly, our different work zones allow widely different working activities to be undertaken, from offices, studios, warehouses, workshops and anything in-between. You get to choose the type of work you want to do it in your unit by choosing the work zone your business fits into;
Thirdly, we offer a professional and supportive environment where you can relax, catch-up, connect socialise, collaborate and succeed with like-minded individuals. In short, space you fit into.

With this in mind, and after much input, research, deliberations and discussions; we are excited to announce our new name and brand…