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General News and Events happening at Co Space. At Co.Space we offer a variety of upmarket, affordable working spaces that can be personalised to properly represent you and your business.

5 Ways to Play at Co.Space

5 Ways to Play at Co.Space

Everybody everywhere is busy making a living. Now more than ever, work seems to be taking up big chunks of our lives. For most entrepreneurs and business owners, work is life and life is work. We can’t deny that work and play are important, but

Co.Space featured on Your Business Magazine

Co.Space featured on Your Business Magazine

Co.Space is featured in Your Business Mag’s special feature: Office Space Solutions – The Way We Work. This June/July issue of the magazine is focused on helping entrepreneurs and small business enterprises pinpoint what their workspace space needs are today and what they

We have rebranded! Co.Space is now Co.Space

Finally, at last and eventually, we are happy to announce that we unveiled our new name yesterday at the Rebrand Launch. To all of you who were in attendance, thank you.

Our new name and brand was inspired by you, our customers. You have contributed, collaborated

Working from home vs. working from Co.Space

By Brigette Mashile, Roka Roko

I have been running my fashion business from my workshop at Co.Space since August 2016, that’s almost a year…wow, that’s quite a while. The road has been interesting, fun and at times proper annoying; so, we can say it’s has been