Laser cutting is a relatively new method of producing pretty much anything. Kevin and Lisa Edwards are the co-founders and very proud owners of Burnt Edge (Pty) Ltd, a laser cutting business that uses Co2 Lasers and Corel Draw design software, along with their expertise in the industry, to produce a wide variety of products that can be tailored to your specifications.


Kevin previously worked in the manufacturing industry with plastic while Lisa’s Italian routes steered her towards the food sector. Kevin had been working in the corporate environment for over 7 years and Lisa had always wanted to start her own business.

Kevin had studied at Rhodes University and completed his Bachelors Degree in Business Management. Lisa went straight into the kitchen working along side her mother and her gran doing what they love most.

They had this vision of creating these amazing 3D lamps and so they bought their laser cutting machine 5 years ago, started Burnt Edge and haven’t looked back.

The Business

Kevin and Lisa have started their very own laser cutting business. Laser cutting enables them to cut, shape and create certain materials into almost any design. The variety of designs and creations are endless.

Their focus lies on designing and engraving corporate gifts for their clients. From pens to wine boxes to centre pieces, Burnt Edge is capable of customising their designs to fit their clients needs. The personalisation of their work is what draws their customers to their business and impresses them.

They have the ability to produce awards and plaques, corporate gifts, personalised gifts, glass and mirror engraving, sign making, desk accessories, customised boxes, wedding décor, display stands, memorial plaques and much more.
Kevin and Lisa have also developed a passion for creating these amazing lamps.They have always had vision of producing these 3D lamps and are currently experimenting with different shapes, sizes and colours.


When working in the corporate industry, you’re always working hard. But, you’re working hard for someone else. Kevin wanted to work hard for himself and decided to take the plunge into entrepreneurship.

Soon after buying the laser machine, Lisa quickly fell in love with the ability to create, design and personalise their products. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but one she definitely deems worth it.

The flexibility of being your own boss really appealed to them both.

Buying the laser machine was only the first step in the business life. The pair then self-taught themselves to use Corel Draw which enables them to create beautiful designs. Graphic design had always been a passion of Kevin’s and Lisa loved to make unique and beautiful products.

Why Co.Space?

Working from home just wasn’t feasible for Kevin and Lisa. A single car garage with a large laser machine was their business’ previous home. The garage space just didn’t fit their business. There was so much potential for their business to grow and being in their single garage didn’t make sense.

There are many limitations when working from home. Co.Space has offered Kevin and Lisa business ready units to manufacture their products.
The community and collaborations with in Co.Space have kept them here since their move in June, of 2016. The 24/7 access and security fit the flexible lifestyle and work times of an entrepreneur.

Kevin and Lisa said that the month-to-month leases attracted them when looking for space. The low risk of monthly lease agreements suited them and their business. The size of the units Co.Space offers fit their business. They were still in the learning process and the concept really appealed to them.

They’ve fallen in love with Co.Space and our community.


Many of our tenants at Co.Space collaborate with each other for reciprocal benefit and Burnt Edge are no different. They have collaborated with many different types of businesses including:

Routing with Denis and Wood 360, both wood working businesses owned by Denis Lock and Spha Radebe respectively. They produce stunning cheese boards, Africa cutting boards and stands for plaques which Burnt Edge then uses their expertise to brand and engrave messaging.

Tribecca Supplies, a business that supplies marketing merchandise also collaborate with Burnt Edge for engraving and personalisation of their products.

Andiswa Mdletye- Clothing Design and Manufacturing of eYami Fashion and Lifestyle, does the stitching of the lanyards for the medals that are made by Burnt Edge.

Advice for other entrepreneurs

The flexibility of being an entrepreneur is great. You take your future into your own hands. You either put in the work or face the potential of failure. You get back what you put in. The uncertainty surrounding entrepreneurship can be very exciting. It drives you to succeed.
Being an entrepreneur has its ups and downs but Kevin and Lisa enjoy waking up, coming to work and doing what they love.

If you would like to know more about Kevin and Lisa, and Burnt Edge, contact them via:

Phone: 072 384 0065
Facebook: Burnt Edge Laser Cutting
Or stop by their unit H19

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