Dash Q Designs started with just the passion to create. That passion has grown immeasurably, and now their focus has shifted to combine their love of what they do with skills, technique and what their clients need from structural, Furniture, Built-in- Cupboards, Cabinets fittings, Interior decor and wood art. Robert Murua is the ambitious founder and proud of Dash Q Designs and he filled us in on his business journey thus far.


I originally studied a MSCE course at Torque IT in the year 2000. My passion has always been for creation and design and my vision for the future changed quickly.

I was working as a consultant before taking the plunge into entrepreneurship. I have worked with many companies over the years and co-owned a few of the businesses.

I began Maisha Energy in 2006 which focuses on renewable energy projects. Environmental stability has always been close to my heart and is something I am still very much involved with.

Dash Q was originally an aviation company and the idea was to lease aircraft for special cargo that were involved in humanitarian projects. It didn’t go as we had planned and we soon got involved in renewable energy projects.

Dash Q Designs has now been running for about 3 years and I haven’t looked back.

The Business


Our vision was pretty clear. We wanted to use re-purposed wood to make a range of different products. We are all about helping the environment and trying to limit the amount of waste locally.

We manufacture wooden furniture and also focus on kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards. We have done a wide range of wood related work including the shop fittings for Legends Barber Shop and Bathu, a well established shoe retail business.



We have recently introduced blinds into our product offering. We opened as a dealership and we are a wholesaler to smaller suppliers. We have been working closely with the biggest blind manufacturer in South Africa, Taylor Blinds.

We have moved into a more interior design focused business as this is what our clients are in need of. We have branched out in order to capture a larger part of our market.

Co.Space Collaborations


I have worked closely with AB from Dream Doctor. We’re actually business partners now in another endeavour. We share our love for music, and I believe that the creatives are people that should be recognised.

We have formed a very strong relationship and have opened our own music production studio. It will not purely be for music production but hope to showcase other creatives in the same space.

I have done work with and for Arch-Live Architects. We helped furnish and decorate their office in A9 as well as work with them on some external projects.

Stag Developments got us involved in the shop fitting side to our business that I mentioned earlier.

I have also worked with Nathi, from HBA Enterprises, doing a house renovation. He gave us our first big deal which was an awesome boost right from the start.

Why Co.Space?


The first time I came to visit I fell in love with the spaces. The short term leases offered by Co.Space is a unique feature which is hard to come by.

I love the vibe and the people. I think the community is most important to me at this stage. Entrepreneurs are innovators and problem solvers. We support each other and push one another to succeed.

Advice for entrepreneurs

Starting a business is great because you become your own boss. You get to chase your dreams. It is a tough journey. Although you benefit from the rewards, the risks are very real. Having said that, you can’t give up because of a few obstacles. Nothing is permanent and you won’t be in control of 100% of everything. You need to make sacrifices in order to make room for greater things.

It is important to plan although there will always be room for improvement.

If you would like to know more about Robert and his successful Dash Q Designs business, contact him via:

Website: Dash Q Designs

Email: robert@dashqdesigns.co.za

Phone: 084 462 0797

Facebook: Dash Q Designs

Instagram: @dashqdesigns

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