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This month we are celebrating all of our female entrepreneurs.

Take a  look at just a few of the successful ladies that have chosen Co.Space as the home for their business.

Tanya Vosloo & Annelize Hartman

Tanya Vosloo and Annelize Hartman

Your Business Space

Your Business Space was started with the vision to help entrepreneurs start, operate and expand their businesses.

Plumbers know how to fix a dripping pipe but they don’t necessarily know how to run a business.

Entrepreneurs do not automatically know how to submit a tax return, how to budget, avoid legal pitfalls, create a brand, market their business, or how to close that deal.

Your Business Space creates a holistic solution where entrepreneurs can find these answers and reduce wasted time and energy spent on admin.

All the services in Your Business Space are provided by approachable industry specific experts.

Your Business Space

Account / law / brand / market / coach

All under one roof.

Hlomu Publishing

Dudu Busani Dube is a South African fiction author and a journalist by profession. She made her mark with the three books Hlomu the Wife, Zandile and Naledi which appeals to the average African female reader of South Africa. She has also written her 4th book ‘Zulu Wedding’ which is a narrative based on a film.

All three books are narrated by women who encounter and fall in love with the bug-eyed, tall, dark and handsome Zulu brothers.

It took about seven months to complete writing the first book and writing the others came naturally.

All three books were published within a year.

Author: Dudu Busani Dube

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Tammy Holliday

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Tammy Holliday Photography

Tammy specialises in fun and romantic wedding photography and engagement or couple photo shoots. She is always beyond excited to capture your best family memories, from natural newborn and location maternity photography to those special ‘smash the cake’ photo shoots and crazy fun-filled family photo sessions.

Want to be the star of your show? She can make your dreams come true with glamorous matric dance pictures, beautiful portraits photography and fantastic ‘trash the dress’ photo shoots.

I will tell you a secret. Are you ready? You are special to Tammy Holliday Photography! She will go out of her way to offer you the most beautiful photo shoot that captures the real you. Tammy will make sure your wedding day or family shoot looks its best and that everything goes smoothly throughout the session. Happy with her work? She wants you to let her know that you can regularly count on her for any photography services you may need in the future.

Nolitqa Hair Products

It is in growing her own natural hair for the past 15 years that Thokozile Mangwiro found her inspiration to create a natural hair care product line. After going to several salons and an endless search for locally produced products that truly work for Afro natural hair, it was clear that there was a huge gap in the market for professionally formulated products for natural hair.

Thokozile, like many other women, struggled with extremely dry hair. This, and the lack of knowledge in the industry, led to intense research and experimentation of natural ingredients such as Shea butter and avocado oil for skin and hair.

After several years of research, formulations and product testing, Thokozile launched Nilotiqa  in  2016. A  line  of products that are proudly made with organic and naturally formed ingredients to deeply moisturize and nourish hair. NOW SHE SUPPLIES TO CLICKS STORES NATIONWIDE.

Thokozile Mangwiro

Claire Commins

Booth Central

Booth Central supplies the largest range of unique, innovative and cutting-edge photo booths in all major cities in South Africa, making us the preferred supplier for brand activation’s, corporate and private events.

Our booths offer brand and consumer engagement using experiential marketing and technology in a fun way to connect with your consumers. With awesome features like branded emails and micro-sites,  social sharing, GIF’s, boomerangs, animation, digital props, green screens and data capturing.

We are passionate about what we do and promise to make your next activation a brand experience your consumers will be talking about long after the event.

Have a private event such as birthday or wedding coming up? We have a booth to suit any event or theme that will make your party just that little more memorable.

The Curved Booth

The Retro Pod


Andiswa grew up in the Eastern Cape and her love for fashion came at a young age. The thought of creating something beautiful out  of  nothing inspired her to pursue a  path in  the fashion industry and the decision to study Fashion Design at The University of Johannesburg came easy.

Umthikazi is a clothing company that started operating formerly in 2014. “The company was started and is run by me, Andiswa Mdletye, a fashion designer who has been in the industry for over 9 years now. The name Umthikazi I credit to my mother. Umthikazi comes from Umthimkhulu which is my clan name (isiduko/isithakazelo). When my niece was born my mother named her Mthikazi which was an attempt to femininize Mthimkhulu and she succeeded.”

We cater for almost every occasion from everyday wear at the office to any special occasion. We pride ourselves on perfection and customer satisfaction at all times. Clients are seen strictly by appointment only.

Andiswa Mdletye

Mapitso Designer

Vouge, Elle and even Vanity Fair should be kicking Mapitso’s door down! With her incredible ability to take vintage wear and turn it into modern coture is an art form. Incredible creations from an incredible artist.

Mapitso Mokhele

Chef Tania Kabeya

Chef La Tania

19  Years  in  RSA  and  Chef Tania has brought a new and interesting cuisine to the pallets of our Co.Space community. Bringing a unique menu that is sure to intrigue and unite our African souls.

Chef La Tania specializes in Congolese food. Being the first born child in her  family,  her  “vice-parenting” duties involved going to the food market for her mother. The smells, the produce and the process of choosing her ingredients and creating a delicious meal, was enough to ignite her life long passion for food.

Tetelestai Holdings

Tetelestai is a Greek word meaning “It is finished” and was birthed in May 2017 by the Founder and Chief Executive Officer Ms. Natalie Nelson.

Tetelestai’s primary focus is on business and management consulting with emphasis on Skills Development, Human Resources, Project Management and BBBEE  alignment solutions. They pride themselves on getting fully entrenched in your business as a means of understanding your business need with the purpose of developing impactful solutions.

Partnering with them ensures that your business organically transitions  from one level to the next while meeting objectives. “Our ability to  cross pollinate offerings with our  delivery partners also means that we offer our  clients holistic solutions for  efficient and effective business operations.

Natalie Nelson

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