This week’s success story focuses on the glass and aluminium side of things. Mr. Lunghile Ndleve is the Chief Executive Officer of Swaka Ntsemi, a fast growing company, specialising in the provision and installation of residential and commercial buildings, and automotive glass and aluminium products.


Before entering this industry, I was working at a chemical engineering firm as a lab technician before being promoted to junior process engineer. I had a BTech degree in Chemical Engineering and it made sense to do what I knew.

I quit my job 3 years ago and decided to try and make it on my own. It was a natural choice for me. I wanted to choose my own path like my father did. Glass and aluminium had always been in the family and it was the obvious choice at the time.

What do you do?

We do all things glass and aluminium. Mostly for residential and commercial buildings and we are venturing into providing the events industry with marquees and glass accessories

We want to be the leading brand when it comes to custom design glass and aluminium manufacturing and installation. Our goal is to provide our clients with high quality products, at the time they’re required and at a reasonable price. We focus on our customers needs in order to provide a higher level of customer service.

We aim to become a brand that clients can rely on, therefore building our customer base large enough so to be able to dictate the price to our clients and from our suppliers.


We are currently working on a unique product design, the glass marquee. The glass marquee has Swaka Ntsemi propriety flooring to suite almost any ground type. It is also engineered to withstand all weather conditions we experience here in Johannesburg. Its design and flexibility is perfect for functions, weddings and outdoor events. It is completely mobile and we are able to move it with ease. It’s a one of kind and we are very excited to finish the project.

We are also focusing our efforts on supplying specialised and customisable products to our clients. We are able to produce various types of structures for our clients such as patio enclosures and pool houses.

Co. Space Collaborations

We have collaborated with D.I.Y. Brick Masters to improve the structure of our glass marquee. Their expertise assisted us in fabricating the connectors used for all the joints across the entire marquee.

I was also involved in facilitating a manufacturing deal between Blocked and a retailer that is also here, in Co.Space.

Why did you choose Co.Space?

I think Co.Space found me. Previously we were sharing a 100m2 factory with another glass and aluminium company. Obviously, that wasn’t the ideal setting for us but moving to another 100m2 factory just wasn’t feasible. The sizes of units that Co.Space offer fit my business. It just worked for myself and Ntsemi Glass and Aluminium.

I was looking for a place on a month-to-month rental basis and Co.Space was the perfect fit. My friend actually let me use his empty unit at the start but when I arrived I realised that Co.Space was actually ideal. There’s someone who does plastering, another that does welding, and so it made business life a lot easier for me.

The community in Co.Space also allows for a lot of exposure for your business due to the many tenants in the complex. I have mentioned earlier some previous work done with D.I.Y Brick Masters and Blocked, but I have conducted business with a lot of the other tenants as well.

Co.Space also offers a professional setting for my business and shows our clients that we are serious about what we do.

Advice for other entrepreneurs

A lot of entrepreneurs dive head first into the business world. You need to think it through first. Your motivations and goals are your driving force and you need to understand why you want to do it, whatever “it” is.
No one knows everything. It is important to never stop learning and be open to new ideas and opinions from others.
Lastly, you must always believe in what you do. How are others supposed to believe in your business if you don’t believe in it yourself? Believing in yourself can be a very powerful tool in this world.

If you would like to know more about Lunghile and Swaka Ntsemi, contact him via:

Phone: 063 302 2281
Facebook: Ntsemi Glass & Aluminium
Instagram: @ntsemiglassaluminium

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