Tebogo Keetse and Siphiwe Tabane

Looking for a way to participate in the economy as well as finding a way to give back, the Mafori boys looked to their own spending habits and realised that the business of alcohol is a very lucrative one. After doing their research, they saw the gap in the market.

Many locally manufactured brands have the product, but they lack the funding for distribution. Thus, began the family business of Mafori Wines and Gin.

The Business

The first step was to choose the right name. Mafori is the family’s clan name. Branding it as a family business has kept these courteous cats grounded even in the industry they’re in.

Getting the business off the ground was no easy feat. With the intent to distribute locally produced alcohol, the licence needed to do so requires that applicants have a warehouse to store all the goods they would like to distribute.


“Making a difference” says Tebogo. That’s why these men have chosen to support and focus their business on locally manufactured alcohol. To empower young, black entrepreneurs across South Africa and help them realise their dream.

It’s clear that giving back seems to be in the cousins’ DNA. They volunteer in Makapanstad, North West at a school for the disabled. Siphiwe’s mother takes in those who have reached the age of 18 years old and teaches them skills like arts and crafts.

Tebogo’s brother stumbled upon Co.Space online. After booking a site tour, they saw the premises  and were impressed from the start.

“It’s a great place to be. It’s a family on it’s own. And moving in is like joining a family of entrepreneurs.”

Advice for other entrepreneurs

“Don’t give up!” says Siphiwe. With most of us being taught to believe that the world is full of limitations, it makes it difficult to keep going and realise our dreams. But the truth is, there are no limitations. Nothing is impossible and this is something you’ll learn only when you’ve worked at something so hard that you destroy the first ‘limitation’, only to find that the sky is the limit.

If you would like to know more about Mafori Wines and Gin, contact them via:


Tebogo Keetse 078 176 6509

Siphiwe Tabane 081 464 4801





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