Phathisani Dube

In 2010, Phathisani Dube started his upholstery business after realising a problem in the community that needed to be resolved. Many South Africans purchase new furniture on credit and spend years paying this off.

Upholstery Experts offer a more cost-effective solution by refurbishing your furniture at a fraction of the price. He and his team have been pulling off incredible furniture transformations ever since.

The Business

Phathisani started Upholstery Experts in his garage and ran it there for 9 years until moving to Co.Space. Upholstery Experts offers high quality upholstery services at reasonable prices.

Working on a referral basis, Phathisani has managed to build a business name that his clients have come to know and trust. From car seats to office furniture, these men know what they’re doing.


“I’ve got work to do!” That’s it.

All it takes to kick off a hard day at work is simply by knowing that customers are waiting for their products to be transformed and delivered. This ‘don de la tapiceria’ (don of upholstery) proves each day that he is able to deliver orders promptly and with the high standard of quality as that of new, store bought furniture.

Phathisani has collaborated with other Co.Spacers and has benefited from his connections within the community. The Experts are always happy to help out a fellow upholsterer.

Advice for other entrepreneurs

Follow your heart! Do something you like and always make sure the customer leaves happy. Phathisani advises that it’s important to stay relevant and stay in tune with the latest business news, trends and innovations to keep your business not only consistent but competitive.

If you would like to know more about Upholstery Experts, contact them via:


Phone: 079 440 4303

Facebook: Upholstery Experts Midrand

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