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Funda Njalo

Funda Njalo is so much more than just the unit with a lot of books, H9 specialises in teaching South African languages to anyone who would like to sign up. They teach children from the age of 4 years old and upwards, providing courses for adults with private tutoring on offer.

With a wide range of games and learning materials, learning a different language doesn’t seem so hard anymore, does it?

The man at the helm of it all is Mr Petrus Mbuyiswa Nhlapo. With his warm and friendly smile, he brings a unique business into Co.Space that changes the face of education in South Africa one school at a time.

After years of working as a language teacher in private schools, Petrus realised there is a shortage of resources to help teach the children. With a passion for writing, he felt the need to do something about it and begin creating the learning material schools were so desperately needing. Thus, 9 years later, Funda Njalo is delivering resources to schools and teachers across South Africa.

Why Funda Njalo?

Using the phrase ‘Funda Njalo” was a strategic move. With so much digital content in today’s society, people have forgotten that newspapers and hard cover books exist. Translated, ‘Funda Njalo’ means Always Learning/Reading.

The Business

With a name created to encourage and inspire reading and learning, it’s no wonder they are so busy creating content and helping teachers through the new material.

According to Petrus, isiXhosa along with sePedi are in the most demand at the moment within private schools, so re-writing/translating course materials into these languages is no easy feat. However, Petrus not only teaches 3 languages but he is also able to speak 8 South African dialects (isiZulu, seSotho, isiXhosa, tshiVenda, Tsonga, sePedi, seTswana and English).

Charmaine Diamond, who started the company with him has moved to Balito, KZN, to spread the spirit of learning different South African dialects. With Charmaine holding a PHD in Linguistics and Petrus’ experience teaching, together they make up quite a dynamic team.

Advice for Other Entrepreneurs

“I never thought I would have my own business. I started off working for someone and I felt like it was time to do my own thing and do what I love.” It was a struggle for people back in the day to do simple things like communicate with someone far away, however born-frees have it all, social media and the internet are at their disposal. At a touch of a button they can find whatever they need online, so it would be easier for them to start their own business and learn a skill/polish it, in order to rise from the oppression that comes with working for someone else. Everyone is born with their own talent/skill! Use it and follow your passion and vision. That’s so important but it is never taught in school.

Why Co.Space?

Living his whole life in Tembisa, having his office in Fourways was too far to travel every day. Co.Space was convenient to travel to and being so close to home, it just made sense.

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