What type of entrepreneur are you?

When it comes to entrepreneurship, there is no one- size-fits-all because entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes. Anyone can be an entrepreneur, but how and when you strike gold boils down to who you are. Like it or not, your personality plays a big role in whether you succeed or fail. The first step to success is knowing what type of entrepreneurial personality you have.

So, what type of entrepreneur are you? Take this entrepreneur personality quiz and find out.

(1) What’s the best part of owning a business?
A) I get to make a profit doing what I love
B) It helps me build a more secure future for my family
C) It constantly challenges me
D) Being my own boss

(2) What’s the main reason for starting a business?
A) To turn my passion into something that serves others
B) To build something for my children and community
C) It was a challenge to myself to try something different
D) I didn’t want to work for anyone and wanted to do things on my own terms

(3) What’s your business motto?
A) The world is a canvas.
B) Build something that outlives you
C) Nothing ventured, nothing gained
D) Don’t follow the rules, make them

(4) Which word best describes what’s driven your journey as an entrepreneur?
A) Creativity
B) Responsibility
C) Determination
D) Freedo

(5) The glass is…
A) Half full – I’m an optimist
B) It never matters how full or empty it is, as long as I’m working towards something great
C) Half empty – but only at the moment. I’ve filled it before and I’ll fill it again.
D) I don’t use the glass to measure anything. I make my own rules, remember?

(6) If you happened to win a large sum of money, what would you do with it?
A) Start a side project – doing something else I love of course
B) Put it into an education fund for my kids or a retirement fund for myself
C) Invest it all in my business.
D) Go on a well-deserved holiday.

(7) Which of these predictions describe your future?
A) Your passion will take you far as you create your own destiny.
B) The foundation you’ve built for future generations is the legacy you leave behind.
C) You’re moving forward, one step at a time; persevering when others have given up.
D) You’re confident in the success of your business. Freedom is yours for the taking

Now check which entrepreneur category you fit into by calculating whether you have mostly A’s, B’s, C’s or D’s.

Mostly A’s

The Passionate Innovator 

Words that describe you: Creative. Motivated. Optimistic.

The main reason you do what you do is because you love it. You’re the type to start a new trend or come up with innovative products, services or strategies because you don’t wait for things to be done, you do them first. You’re driven by your ambition and passion and this shows in your varied styles, interests and approach towards business.

What makes you a great entrepreneur is that you see opportunities everywhere and know how to take what you’re best at and apply it to what you see or find around you.

Mostly B’s

The Dedicated Builder

Words that describe you: Hardworking. Pragmatic. Altruistic.

The main reason why you do what you do is because you’re motivated by something bigger than you. You look at the bigger picture and measure things from a long-term perspective, concerned mainly with how your business affects others and what you’ll be leaving behind. Being so close to your work makes you a hands-on person. You’re not afraid to put in the work if you think that it will lay a solid foundation or give way to more opportunities.

What makes you a great entrepreneur is that you’re a visionary leader who doesn’t just focus on what you can achieve now. You see your work as an investment and stay dedicated to the dream you envision.

Mostly C’s

The Surviving Enterpriser

Words that describe you: Determined. Tenacious. Aspirational

Your determination is your drive. You face challenges head on and are not discouraged by failures or obstacles. In the face of failure, you rise like the phoenix and when faced with obstacles you are even more determined to succeed. You have an admirable ability to just keep on going, no matter what. 

What makes you a great entrepreneur is your ability to bounce back. You’re even tougher than the tough times and stop at nothing to see your success come to pass. You know what you want and go after it determinedly; not afraid of making mistakes along the way because you know it’s all part of the process.

Mostly D’s

The Freedom-Seeking High-Flyer

Words that describe you: Independent. Adventurous. Empowered.

You’re governed by your own rules, and even those are subject to change. You’re driven by your need for freedom, to be your own boss and to build your own empire. You’re fiercely independent and love working alone because you get to make the rules, but this doesn’t mean you’re not a great leader. You’re sometimes bigger than your own environment and that’s one reason you might hate the idea of being stuck in a cubicle.

What makes you a great entrepreneur is that you’re bold. You’re not afraid of taking business risks because you’re confident in your own ability to do and make great things.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what box you fit into as an entrepreneur, or if you fit in one at all. What matters is that you use your personality strengths as part of your strategy for success!

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