A Heritage Thursdate at Co.Space: Q & A at The Hub

“Our rich and varied cultural heritage has a profound power to help build our nation.” – Nelson Mandela 

For over 2 decades, South Africa has been celebrating its beautiful diversity in cultures, languages and heritage every year on the 24th of September.

South Africa and its people are diverse in more ways than you can think of. Although we still have a long way to go, we have so much to offer.

Heritage Day at Co.Space

Heritage Day (also known as Braai Day) is an opportunity for us to appreciate our diversity. On this day, we celebrate our various differences and similarities as well as each and every South African’s contribution towards building up our rainbow nation. With tons of different types of entrepreneurs in different fields, the Co.Space community is as diverse as the rainbow nation itself. A simple tour of our community will introduce you to a number of different types of entrepreneurs and businesses you never knew existed, from a business that makes couture wooden sunglasses to a car workshop that only specialises in classical cars. They are all right here at Co.Space.

Pre-Heritage Day Challenge: 15-minute Q & A session at the Hub

We decided to ambush some of our eager storepreneurs and regular hub users with a quick Q & A session. We asked the first 4 individuals who walked through the Hub door 1 – 2 questions each and here’s how it went:

Simba Godzongere, Owner & Mechanic (Jireh Auto)

What do you enjoy about being part of the Co.Space community?

“I enjoy being part of this community because of the diversity within the people here. There’s all types of entrepreneurs here, I have everything I need all around me and because we’re all like family you can even negotiate the pricing. I am surrounded by entrepreneurs with the same mindset as me. These are people who’ve been working from home and saw that there wasn’t enough growth. Co.Space is environment of growth that create a positive change of mind-set. Another benefit of being part of the Co.Space community is the state of the art security. As a mechanic, I never have to worry about the cars in my unit, day or night. I don’t even worry if my door is mistakenly left open while I am at the Hub or even at home. To add on to that, the hub is great for relaxing and planning; for instance, today has been a very stressful day but despite the negativity going on I am surrounded by positive people in and around the Hub.”

Noxolo, Office Manager and Administrator (Banda One)

What do you love about South Africa?

“Our country is diverse in very sense of the word. South Africa is that country where you will find everyone from everywhere. People with different languages, cultures, religions, traditions. I love that there’s so much we can learn from each other. We still have ‘ubuntu’ amongst us; we see each other as brothers and sisters. Our music is one of a kind; we are kings and queens of rhythm – even our food is also unique. You can tell that you are home by the unique sounds and ‘noise’ at our airports; our airports are vibrant and full of life. As far as I’m concerned, there are no airports as lively and full of personality as ours anywhere in the world. Trevor Noah was right all along [laughs]. We need to appreciate these little things because they make us unique from the rest of the world. Sometimes you need to leave the country in order to appreciate these little things that we take for granted. South Africans are generally friendly people and despite our challenges, we are a very beautiful country. We are happy people and we all understand what the ‘eish’ means. [laughs]”

What do you enjoy about being part of the Co.Space community?

“I enjoy the people in the community; it is so easy to form friendships and be part of something bigger than yourself. Being at Co.Space is like being part of one big beautiful family.”

John Baloyi, Workshop Manager (Hout Couture)

What do you love about South Africa?

“We cannot deny that our country has its fair share of problems but there are a lot of opportunities. There are so many opportunities and avenues to learn and better yourself regardless of who you are and where you come from. The way I see it, being successful in South Africa is all up to you. I think we need to be more grateful despite our current challenges.”

What do you enjoy about being part of the Co.Space community?

“It has to be the learning; I have learnt a lot of things here at Co.Space, from entrepreneurship to lessons on failure – like, when you fail go back and try again. Being around the entrepreneurs here has taught me that it is possible to create opportunities for yourself and your loved ones. Everyone here is so united and they are genuinely interested in you. No one judges or discriminates the other by race, culture, gender or their type of business.”

Neo Radebe (Hout Couture)

What do you love about South Africa?

“It has to be our diversity; we are a beautiful rainbow nation. As someone who enjoys travelling and fun, I love the different travel destinations within our country from different resorts to the Kruger national Park, you name it. Last but not least, I love the peaceful legacy that our late President Nelson Mandela helped to build.”

What do you enjoy about being part of the Co.Space community?

“It has to be the people and the Friday events that we have here at the Hub. They really brighten up my week and get my weekend started on a good note.”

Here are some of the reasons why we at Co.Space love South Africa:

Reasons 12 – 7

South Africa has 12 months of great weather, 11 official languages, 10 medals at this year’s Olympics, 9 friendly provinces, 8 world heritage sites, and Table Mountain as the 7th wonder of the world.

Reasons 6 – 1

We also have 6 beautiful colours on our flag, the Big 5 wild animals, a new 400m sprint world record, 3 beautiful capital cities, 2 oceans that meet and last but not least, we have 1 big rainbow nation.

How will you be celebrating Heritage Day on Saturday? Share your experiences with us on our Facebook Page.