Entrepreneurs & Storepreneurs: What is a Co.Space

Thursdates at Co.Space are about sharing and engaging with real life stories of entrepreneurs and storepreneurs* who chose to succeed against all odds. These inspirational entrepreneurs come in all shapes, ages and sizes; small, micro, medium and big. Our thursdates have what we call ‘the Co.Space DNA’, they have characteristics that every entrepreneur needs to succeed.

So what are these characteristics that make entrepreneurs success?

When it comes to entrepreneurship, it takes serious guts to get the glory. It is not for the faint hearted; there’s no room for tears and fears. Here’s what it takes to be an entrepreneur and a Co.Space Thursdate:

  1. Entrepreneurs are outliers

Entrepreneurs like Billy Bezeidenhout are outliers. They don’t fit into the crowd because they think, behave and see things differently from everybody else. They don’t fit in and can’t work for someone else. They see opportunities and prospects where others see problems. Their strengths and talents help them blur the line between work and play.

  1. Entrepreneurs are risk-takers

Entrepreneurs like Dr. Felicia Tshite-Molamu take risks, but they are not gamblers. They take calculated risks and are willing to risk it all and go where others won’t so that they can have their own thing. They enjoy turning nothing into something beautiful. Entrepreneurs enjoy a challenge and thrive under any given situation. They are surgeons of excellence who want to leave their mark on the world by creating something different, something of their own.

  1. Entrepreneurs make their ideas happen without fear of failure

Entrepreneurs like Bobby Forssman get things done. They don’t just dream big, they do it big. Their ‘take charge and act fast’ way of thinking gives them an edge over others. They think, analyse and act. Thursdates like Bobby have the Co.Space DNA; they want a lot more out of life and are not satisfied with being average. They would rather work 100 hours a week for themselves than work 40 hours a week for someone else. They want to think and act for themselves because they want their own unique thing. With them in the driver’s seat, their own way is paved with hard work and dedication. Best of all, they fail and make mistakes but they keep trying and refuse to give up. They put in the work and don’t mind long hours of unstructured work for as long as they are leading and innovating.

  1. Entrepreneurs believe in themselves and their dreams

Entrepreneurs like Khutso Mphasha are confident in themselves, their ideas and dreams. Sometimes their self-confidence can be seen as cockiness or over-confidence but they know that in order to succeed, they need to keep their eye on the prize. They don’t listen to negativity or pessimists because they understand that there’s a storm before the calm of entrepreneurial success.

  1. Entrepreneurs take entrepreneurship as a lifestyle

Entrepreneurs like Richard Branson work and live like entrepreneurs. They don’t take challenges or setbacks personally and they are easy going. Their motivation is internal and they get fulfilment from getting their business stuff done right.

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

For the last 5 weeks we brought you Co.Space Thursdates, every Thursday on our blog and social media platforms. We will continue to bring you more thursdates; real life stories and advice about entrepreneurship by entrepreneurs. Read our previous weeks’ Thursdate blog articles and keep a close eye on our blog every Thursday for future Thursdate features. If you need space to work, play or store, Co.Space has the right space for you. Send us your details and we’ll help you find the right office, workshop, showroom, studio, storage, man cave and parking space for you.

* Storepreneurs – an entrepreneur who is a Co.Space tenant