Throwback Thursdate: Billy’s 5 Tips for Entrepreneurs

Remember Billy Bezeidenhout, The Mold-Maker? 

Billy is the storepreneur who featured on our very first Thursdate article, The Thin Line Between Work and Play: A Thursdate with Billy, The Mold-Maker.

This season, we are taking time out to celebrate all the Thursdates who brought our blog to life. When it comes to entrepreneurship, they’ve been there, done that and got an infographic about it. Here’s Billy’s infographic.

1. Entrepreneurs don’t follow the rules, they create them

Entrepreneurs are creators, solution providers and best of all, they find opportunities everywhere they go. They are known for defying the odds and making the impossible happen but that comes with its fair share of rule breaking and risk tasking.

2. Face your biggest challenges to learn and grow

The average entrepreneur is a jack of all trades but not always a master of all. Whether it’s networking, admin or balancing the books, it is normal to dread doing one thing or another. However, it is important to tackle whatever challenge you are facing head on and conquer it so that it doesn’t conquer you.

3. Work as hard as you play & deliver excellence

Sam Walton, Founder of Walmart, once said “the goal… is to have customer service that is legendary”. No matter how small your business is,  it can benefit from legendary customer. Customer service can be a great source of referrals. So, is your customer service legendary?

4. Create a business where customers pay you to play hard

Build a business where you do what you do so well that customers will want to come back with their friends and family. Always remember that, if you don’t take care of your customers someone else will.

5. The risk factor doesn’t go away with time, start your own business now

The best time to start your own business was yesterday; regardless of when you start your business, the risk factor will always be there. So why not start now?

Here’ the full infographic

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