5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Co.Space

You can enjoy some time doing yoga, work on realising the dream that was just an idea or simply delight in some quiet time personalising your own space on the weekend. Whether it’s for business, play or both, here at Co.Space, we are devoted to making your stay as relaxed as possible.

Here are five reasons why Co.Space is a great choice for anyone looking for the perfect space.

  1. A dedicated studio for work, play or both

Thinking of starting a tutorial class for tertiary students but don’t have the space for it? Presenting your business proposal to prospective clients but just can’t find the right space to do so? Whether it’s for training, an exhibition of your very own sculptures or a conference, we have a studio for you to rent where you can spend much needed time to engage with your work or hobbies.

  1. On-site management and support staff on standby

We want you to enjoy spending time in your preferred space, that is why our management and support staff are available when you need any assistance with your space. If you need stock delivered to your unit but won’t be available to receive it we will help you with that. We do what we can to ensure that your business is always run smoothly.

  1. Spaces, varied in size, to help make your dreams come true

Co.Space has a variety of unit sizes to suit your lifestyle, business or both. Whether you want to start off small or take that leap and go bigger, we have 6 simple unit sizes you can choose from to kick-start your future. You also have the option to join or divide units to get that ultimate personalised experience you’ve been longing for to start your business or fully enjoy your hobby. If you want to double the volume space, you can do so by adding shelving or a mezzanine to expand upwards. You’ll also be pleased to know that our standard size units have windows to bring in that natural lighting we know you appreciate, a roof insulation to control the temperature in your unit and roller-shutter door and/or pedestrian access. Should you want added services fitted to your unit as well as finishes custom-made to suit your individual needs, speak to us.

For different size spaces, click here.

  1. A personalised weekend go-to place

You have complete reign in personalising and creating your very own space, so treat yourself to a bit of self-expression and most of all, enjoy the process. We want to ensure that the unit size you choose fully represents what you want to achieve.

  1. Secure storage to help protect your dreams

We provide you the freedom to use your space in a safe and secure environment with our advanced security systems. Our tenants have controlled access to tenant-only and public zones via coded-access tags and with 24/7 CCTV surveillance, our guarding security teams will make sure you and your possessions are well looked after.

We’ll ensure that you focus on your vision, while keeping you safe and secure, to help you create the space you need to make your dreams come true so that you can stay awhile.

Interested? Fill in our contact form or request a quote and we will in touch with you soon.