6 things to consider before choosing a new workspace

“Entrepreneurs are going to be the growth drivers of the economy and we are very excited to be able to empower them with the space and support they need to make their businesses grow.” – Bobby Forssman, CEO of Co.Space

In our recent feature in Your Business Magazine, our CEO was asked:

What elements should an entrepreneur or business owner take into account when deciding what the right workspace option for them is in terms of workspace and what questions should they ask?

We summarised Bobby’s answer in the infographic below:

In a nutshell, entrepreneurs or business owners looking to rent workspace should consider:

  1. The size of the workspace
    Ask these questions: Is the workspace the correct size for my specific business needs? How many people can work in a specific unit size?
  2. Their businesses’ operational requirements e.g. 24/7 access, 3 phase power and type of workspace
    Ask these questions: Can I make or fix products in the workspace? Can I work and store my products in the workspace?
  3. Flexible lease terms (lease period and termination requirements)
    Ask these questions: What is the minimum lease period? What are the terms of the lease? If I need the workspace immediately, how easy is it to get started? If I no longer need the workspace, how easy is it to leave?
  4. Security and access
    Ask these questions: Is the workspace in a safe environment? Is there 24/7 security on the workspace?
  5. Price and hidden costs (if any)
    Ask these questions: How much is the rent for the workspace? What does the monthly rental include?
  6. Sense of community
    Ask these questions: Do you have any community activities? Are there any networking opportunities?

The Co.Space vision is to create small and affordable workspaces for entrepreneurs to launch their business from. Professional workspaces where they can do more than just create, fix, store and/or distribute their products and services. We let you personalise your space to suit your business. Look at how Nathi Hlubi personalised his double 6×4 unit (48m2) to suit his workspace needs.

Today’s reality is that spare rooms and garages are in short supply given the high density living that has become the norm for most urban dwellers. So, where do the budding Richard Branson’s, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and other want-to-be entrepreneurs start out from? That is why Co.Space offers entrepreneurs affordable, customisable workspaces that are the right size for their business requirements.

Our month-to-month leases are flexible making it easy to get started and easy to leave if you need to. We have a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to network and collaborate with. Our complex has state of the art security with 24/7 access. As a valued add to our entrepreneurs, we host regular social, networking and training events for our entrepreneurs to help them network and collaborate. Interested? Contact us on the contact form provided or give us a call on 0861 697 867.