7 different types of uses for garage space

Let’s face it! Most people mainly use garage space for parking their cars or storing tools, appliances and other stuff. Well, there’s more to garage space than meets the eye and this article is about to tell you more about how to make the most of it. Let’s jump straight into it by taking a closer look at our top seven different uses for garage space (that you probably didn’t know about).

  1. Art studio

For any creative mind, garage space is like a blank canvas. It gives you the freedom to decide what master piece you want to paint. Transforming an empty space into a lively, creative piece of art comes naturally to an artist. Take one of our tenants, Billy Bezeidenhout (The Mold Maker) for example; he transformed one of his two18m2 units into a mini-art studio to showcase the artwork that he makes in his second unit next door.

Image: Billys art workshop where he creates his artwork (unit 1)

Image: Billys art studio where he stores and displays his finished artwork (unit 2)

Every professional artist knows that having your own dedicated art studio is a necessity not a luxury. It gives you the right space to get your art done and your creative juices flowing. It also gives you a sense of responsibility for your craft and shows everyone that you are committed to your craft. Co.Space offers you garage space with a difference; customisable space that you can transform into your own space. Having 24/7 access to it means that you can leave whatever you were doing whenever you need to and come back later to continue right where you left off.

After creation comes celebration, right? After you’re done creating your artwork and are ready to show off your work, we have a 30 seater studio that can be used for exhibitions, training and other events.

  1. Office and workspace

Every serious entrepreneur needs a space to work. Garage-entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs knew that all they needed was a space big enough to create something special out of nothing. In today’s compact living, garage entrepreneurship has taken a hard knock. That’s why Co.Space is putting the garage back into garage entrepreneurship. We give start-up entrepreneurs the right space to make their big ideas a reality. Take Khutso Mphasha, for example. He is one of our tenants who we helped to transform and customise a 30m2 unit into a water purification plant and an office. Because our units are wider, higher and have double volume, we were able to use a steel mezzanine level to create a two-storey workspace with two floors – an office upstairs and a water purification at the bottom.

Image: Khutsos water purification plant (at the bottom) and office (upstairs)

Turning garage space into an office or workspace at Co.Space is straight-forward and saves you money. It will also allow you the opportunity to create a personalised space specific to your business needs and goals. If you’re offering professional services such as events management, you can complement your office with an entertainment area – just add a steel mezzanine level, couch and shelf with décor, books and magazines. Our units have natural light coming into your office so that you can see better and be more productive. If your work requires you to have a lot of products on hand, then a steel mezzanine level will help to create more space for you to store your products upstairs or downstairs. Co.Space gives you the optional extras you need to create the workspace you deserve.

  1. Fashion showroom

Converting garage space into a fresh and trendy-looking fashion showroom can definitely be an interesting process, and the bigger the space, the better! Garage spaces ooze potential for fashion showrooms because of the vast space options that can showcase the different collections on the racks. Whether you only focus on designer clothes or have a specific style to show your customers, you can definitely make it work at Co.Space. Take one of our tenants, Dr. Felicia Tshite-Molamu (The Dream Doctor), she has converted two of our 36m2 units into a showroom complete with sewing work stations.

Image: The Dream Doctors fashion showroom and workstation

Image: The Dream Doctors fashion showroom and workstation

Remember that your business is an extension of fashion into the home. So when your customer walks into your space and sees the fashionable collection on the racks and the furniture you have, that fashion and furniture should reflect and represent your business. That collection and furniture need to reflect the styles he or she is either currently wearing or wants to wear. The aim is to help the customer connect with your business. Maintain a trendy-looking atmosphere with accessories for that season.

  1. Car or motorbike workshop

Transforming garage space into a car or motorbike workshop provides space for enthusiasts, hobbyists and mechanics is simple at Co.Space. We have the right space for you to engage with your big toys or work on other people’s big toys. One of our tenants Leroy from Adrenalin Powersport, a suspension and superbike specialist company does just that.

Image: Adrenalin Powersport, a suspension and superbike specialist company

Depending on your unit size and intended use, the design of your space will differ. Our units are designed to give you maximum ventilation and natural lighting to help you with proper illumination for your car workshop. We also have additional extras such as air conditioning and epoxy floor paint just for you. We even have wash bays for you to wash your cars and motorbikes.

Image: Leroy from Adrenalin Powersport washing motorbikes

  1. Business storage

Our garage space gives you and your business storage with a difference. At Co.Space you don’t just drop off and go; we give you the space you need to store and engage with your documents, products and other business stuff. You’ll have access to your unit all the time, anytime and every time. If you decide to transform your storage space into an office, workspace, workshop, hobby hut, man cave or anything in-between at a later stage, then you’re welcome to do so.

If your space is in need of some spring cleaning then put aside some time to clean, declutter and sort. Throw out anything that you don’t need or haven’t used in a while – chances are you’ll never use it. Then sort out your contents into boxes of related items – documents, equipment, product samples etc. To help you keep your unit clean we have dedicated waste and recycling bins located throughout the complex and they are emptied regularly.

  1. Small warehouse or logistics centre

If you’re an e-commerce business owner who sells products locally or internationally, you probably understand the importance of having your own warehouse or logistics centre, big or small. Our garage style units are perfect for use as small warehouses or logistics centres because we have state of the art security for you and your products. We also have a standby generator installed to ensure our security systems and lighting are always on. Our facilities are designed to ensure that your small business works for you.

7. Hybrid – chill & work space

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? You can now work and play in the same space – saving yourself time and money. We allow you to work, play and store stuff in your unit. Your space, your rules; you decide what you do with your space. Go all in with a work station at the top and a play station at the bottom, or half in with play items around your work station, it’s all up to you.

Why not allocate a selective space where you can get away for a short while to relax, rejuvenate and recharge in the same unit you work in? You can place a couch to sit down and read a book, or a coffee table where you can play games with your colleagues or fellow tenants.

There are many functional ways you can use garage space and Co.Space has more than enough garage space for you, your hobbies, business and buddies. Whether it’s to work, store stuff or engage with your hobbies, contact Co.Space and we will help you create the right space for you and your needs.