Finding an affordable office space that also allows you to create your own unique work setting can be tricky. Luckily, you can do both at Co.Space. We allow you the flexibility to personalise and customise your work space at an affordable rate.

While most places might offer you a standard, non-customisable space where what you do and how you do it is limited, we offer you space where you can show off the uniqueness of your business. We’re all about inspiring spaces that help South African businesses thrive.

If you’ve already decided to rent a Co.Space unit to use as your workspace and are wondering how to create the right office or workshop environment, here’s a quick guideline:

Choosing the right size for your needs

The first step to creating the ideal workspace is choosing the best sized space to fit your business, workshop or office. No idea or goal is the same, which is why we have different size options when it comes to your space. To get an idea of what sized space would be most ideal for you, define your business and your requirements for business space. This will give you an idea of how big or small your unit should be. If you need space for your equipment but don’t want to clutter your workspace, you can rent an additional space, a smaller unit specifically designed for storing the little things. If you’re not sure, ask us and we’ll help you find the right space and size for your needs. Click here to check out our different spaces.

Customise your space with our add-on features

At Co.Space there’s no such thing as standard space. You have a unique goal and a unique business and that should be reflected in your workspace. No matter how big or small your unit is, it is customisable. There’s a variety of personalised options you can choose from, from painted walls to painted floors. You can even add lighting and air conditioning. Indulge in a bit of self-expression and choose from the following:

  • Electrical reticulation to provide lighting and run equipment
  • Air-conditioning for climate control
  • Aluminium and glass shopfront for more light and ventilation
  • Painted, carpeted or tiled flooring
  • Painted walls
  • Shelving for storage
  • Mezzanine floor for additional space

Click here to get a quote for a customised unit

Decorate and personalise your space

A well-designed space can inspire creativity and increase your productivity so it’s important to create a place where you want to work and not just where you have to work.

To further turn your space into one that is inspiring and comfortable you can add a few personal décor touches. We welcome you adding your own stuff and with us your decorating options are wide. Whatever your business is, we can help you create the ideal workspace to get your work done.

Co.Space provides differentiated working space solutions and value added services to small space users who require a place where they can work, play or store stuff. Still need more information? Contact us via our contact form or email us and our team of experts will contact you as soon as possible.